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Long-term Lease Land Tax Holiday

The Tasmanian Government is providing up to a three-year land tax holiday for all newly built housing made available for long-term rental.

Changes to the Building Code and Planning System

It’s now easier to build in Tasmania. Reforms in the planning and building area have been made and further reforms are underway. These reforms will provide for faster approvals and more flexible forms of housing, including shop-top development.

Land release

Legislation was introduced in 2018 to fast track zoning changes and the supply of affordable housing.

Private Rental Incentives

This initiative is to encourage residential property owners to make affordable rental homes available for low-income earners. Owners will receive a financial payment of $10,000 to $13,000 per property, per year, and will also be guaranteed that rent is paid for the term of the lease. Properties are managed by an experienced property manager.

This is a pilot program and it is anticipated that 110 properties will be made available under this initiative by June 2019.

Land tax exemption

The Government is providing a one-year land tax exemption for short rentals that are made available for long-term rental.